Five Ways to Take the Pressure Off

The college admissions process is putting a lot of pressure
on students these days. Here are five ways to take a lot of pressure off
yourself and regain college admissions control.

1.  Take charge of the process yourself.
The more you do for yourself, the more in control of the process you will feel.
So don’t let your parents plan college visits for you—decide for yourself what
you’d like to see. If you have questions about college or need help, ask. If
you haven’t met your high school counselor, walk into the office and introduce
yourself. The world rewards people who show initiative, and this is the time to
start taking charge of your own life.

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University of Texas — Austin

Austin, Texas

We’ve profiled a lot of small schools in our college spotlight, so many that it might seem we’re biased against the big schools. We admit it, we love the way that small classes and close contact with dedicated professors virtually guarantees an enriching college experience.

But we also like to think big. In fact, to assume we dislike the big schools would be a big mistake. Take University of Texas at Austin for example.

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