A message for the senior class of 2010

If you’re a high
school senior, you've likely decided where you're going to college (and
you probably won't have much reason to read our blog for long).  So
before you go, let me just say–congratulations.  You did it.  I hope you've taken some time to celebrate the fact that you're going to college, wherever is is that you'll be going.

Believe me, you've got a lot to look forward to.

or not you
were admitted to your first choice school, you’re going to
take classes that you actually want to take.  You’re going to learn from
professors who have dedicated their professional lives to one
particular subject and are willing to share their knowledge with you.
You’re going to go to
parties.  Good ones.  You’re going to date. 
A lot.  You’re going to
meet more new people and make more new friends than you’ve ever had the
opportunity to meet in your life.  Some of those friends will be in your
life forever.  Some will stand at your wedding one day.  Some will play
with your kids and tell them how you both pulled an all-nighter in your
dorm studying for your chemistry final or took a road trip for spring
break.  It's going to be a great four years as long as you commit to
making them great.

Great college experiences are equal opportunity employers; they do
not discriminate on the basis
of where your school ranks of the US News "Best College" list.  So if you're not excited yet, it's time to get there.  Wherever you go, the opportunities will be there waiting for you to take them. 

But remember, you
don't get to do a first draft of college.  Wherever you're going,
don't waste the next four years.  Lean into them.  Get all the learning
and fun out of them that you can.  You deserve it.

Thanks for reading our blog,
congratulations, and have a great time in college.