Work is personal for the person doing the work

For counselors and admissions professionals attending the NACAC conference in Louisville next week, I’ll be presenting the following session on Thursday and would love to say hello in person.

Engaging and Delighting your Staff
 Thursday, Sep 26 3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.
Location: Ballroom C (Career Hub)

Since founding Collegewise over 20 years ago, the single thing I’m most proud of is the people who call our company their professional home. They’re smart, interesting, and exceptionally talented. They find so many ways to add value here beyond just doing their jobs (which they do very well). They’re constantly reaching out to help colleagues, initiating new projects, taking responsibility and deflecting credit. Each day, they leave work a little better than they found it.

I’ve had people from schools and companies observe our remarkable Collegewise colleagues and ask me: “How do you motivate them?” The real answer is that we don’t motivate them. We hire people who were already motivated before they arrived here.

But we have consciously made an important choice—we view and treat each employee as an individual person. Not a number. Not an asset. Not a resource to be deployed in a way that best helps us. But a unique individual with talents that, when paired with the right opportunity, can help them discover their potential.

We don’t get it right all the time. We make mistakes. But I think our remarkable assembling of people here is proof that we’re doing something right for them and for us. And in this session, I’d like to share a little bit about how we do that.

My session takes place right after the opening speaker on Thursday. I hope I’ll see you there.

Lesson #7 of my final 31 posts: Work is personal for the person doing the work.

“It’s not personal—it’s just business.”

I don’t buy it. If there’s a human being involved, it’s personal.

If someone is laid off due to budget cuts, it’s the person, not a business, who has to go look for another job. If you abruptly cancel a project a team has been working on for months, it’s those people, not the business, who feel the casual disregard of all the work that will never come to fruition. If you treat an employee like one replaceable part in a much larger business machine, expect that they’ll treat the job as a replaceable function to be tossed aside as soon as a better offer comes long.

Of course it’s personal. It’s always personal for the person doing the work. Instead of running away from that truth, why not run towards it? Treat people like the individual human beings they are, with unique strengths, talents, goals, and challenges. Help them learn and grow. Show them that their opinions matter. Demonstrate your care for them as a person, not as someone just filling a role.

When you make work more personal, you get the best from the person doing the work. And that’s good for both the person and the business.

Join us for a free Common App webinar

This Thursday, Collegewise will be releasing our annual “Common App Guide,” a free resource that walks an applicant line-by-line through the Common Application with detailed advice from our expert college counselors along the way. And we’ll be celebrating the release with a free webinar:

How to Make Your Common App a Lot Less Common
Thursday, September 12, 2019
5 p.m. – 6 p.m. PDT
You can find more information, and register, here.

The webinar will feature two of our Collegewise counselors, Meredith Graham and Julie Simon. In their lives before Collegewise, Meredith worked in admissions at Cornell University, Julie at the University of Michigan. It’s a rare opportunity to learn from two experts who have not only evaluated applications on one side of the desk, but also helped students complete them on the other side. I hope you can join them as you will not be disappointed.

It was 20 years ago today…

It’s a day of nostalgia and excitement for me, as it was exactly 20 years ago that I officially started a little business called Collegewise. I knew I had the knowledge to help families make more informed college planning decisions, but that’s as far as the vision went at the time. The birth of Collegewise was really just the official filing of the DBA (“Doing Business As”) paperwork with the County Clerk’s office so that I wouldn’t be violating any city ordinances if someone actually paid me to help them. Three days later, I had my first official meeting with a family. I drove to their house to meet in their living room as I did for most of my meetings during the first year of business. The computer I’d ordered was still en route, so I wrote and printed their enrollment contract at Kinko’s that same morning. At the time, my little business was a start-up in every sense.

What an exciting, fulfilling, life-changing journey the 20 years since that day have been.

As this 20-year mark approached, I’ve enjoyed reminiscing, traveling back in my mind to the smaller milestones along the way that meant so much at the time. Our first student to receive a college acceptance. Our first office. The first employee who agreed to join me. Our first counselor training. Our first invitation to speak at a conference. Our first company holiday party, website, newsletter, additional location, and the first blog entry—each felt so big at the time, and each is now a small but special chapter in the 20-year tale.

Publishing our first book. Selling Collegewise to Princeton Review. Buying it back two years later. Our first appearances on major network news. Expanding across the country and the world. As Collegewise got bigger, as we kept filling our ranks with idiosyncratic miracle workers who shared their personal brand of best work with us, our collective successes seemed to grow, too.

Like any part of life’s journey, not all of the memories are happy ones. The two weeks in August 2005 when our building’s management refused to fix the air conditioner and our office turned into a sauna. The time a beloved co-worker decided it was time to move on. The 2009 recession when we almost lost everything we’d worked so hard to build. Stress, sleepless nights, doubts—they’ve all crept in at different points. No business, family, or college is perfect.

But 20 years later, when I look at everything that matters most to me in my life, almost all of it connects to Collegewise in some way. Many of my closest friends have come up through the Collegewise ranks. My mentor who first encouraged me to become an independent college counselor works alongside me here today. A co-worker even introduced me to the woman I’d one day marry and start a family with. When I look at our two sons and the life we share together today, I see the Collegewise roots in all of it. As much as I’ve given to Collegewise, it—and those who’ve joined us along the way—have always given even more back.

The Collegewise of today is so much more than just me embarking solo on an undefined adventure. Every day I come to work with colleagues who inspire me, who want to build the company they’d choose to hire (and work for), and who leave work every day a little better off than they found it. They bring so much care, attention, pride, generosity, and joy to their work, and they make life better for their customers, their co-workers, and their company. What a privilege to call this my job, and them my colleagues.

After 20 years, Collegewise is no longer a start-up; we’re a stay-up. And as is the case with any success, we didn’t get here alone. So to the customers who’ve trusted us, the co-workers who’ve shared your best work with us, the fans who’ve referred us, the friends and family members who’ve supported us, and everyone else who’s been part of this journey, thank you. Greatness is never built with mediocre parts, so however small or large your chapter in our 20-year story may be, I so appreciate the role you’ve played.

And happy 20th birthday to Collegewise, the company that’s changed so much for so many, especially me. I can’t wait to see what you have in store next.

Collegewise is hiring: Head of Sales

After running Collegewise for 18 years without a dedicated sales team, the decision to finally install one in 2017 felt like a long-overdue first step, the chance to begin our journey towards sales done the Collegewise way. It worked. Today, we have a remarkable sales force driven by a sincere desire to help, a crew we’re proud to have as the first contact for so many of the families who come to us during a stressful time. They’ve helped our business grow, our customers make more informed choices, and our counselors stay focused on what they do best. Our sales team is indispensable to us. We can’t imagine our work life without them.

But now that we’ve successfully gone from zero-to-sales team, it feels like we’re starting to reach the natural limits of that initial transformation’s benefits. Our company and our sales division have big dreams about what’s next. We want to do for our sales team what we’ve done so successfully with our counseling—make us the best-in-class within our industry. For us, that means the smartest strategy. The best training. The place the most talented salespeople want to join to do their very best work. The team the competition aspires to emulate. The thought-leaders who move both our company and the entire industry forward. The paragon of sales done both well and right.

To get there will take expertise and vision, someone who’s studied this craft, who can see what’s possible, and most importantly, who can rally others towards a common goal. We’re ready to hire someone to lead that charge and own the responsibility. It’s time for Collegewise to take our next sales step. We’re looking for our first Head of Sales.

How does that challenge sound to you?

About the job and the work
Fundamentally, this job is about developing and executing a broad strategy to successfully enroll more families at Collegewise. We’re not looking for someone who believes in a by-any-means-necessary approach to selling. A successful sale for us is one in which both the customer and the counselor thank you for bringing them together. But we’ve got the best counseling in the industry, legions of happy customers who rave about our work, and too many lost opportunities to do the same with more families. We need our Head of Sales to assess the areas where we must improve today, establish a vision of what’s possible tomorrow, and demonstrate your impact with bottom-line results.

That means you’ll drive and take responsibility for:

  • Sales strategy: We can’t hold someone accountable for outcomes if we legislate all the steps to achieve them. So you’ll work with your Chief Marketing Officer to craft a comprehensive sales strategy for your department. This will include working with our marketing team to study our customer funnel, making recommendations to bring in more qualified leads, and taking action to improve our conversion. You’ll also be expected to regularly detail progress, setbacks, and sales insight for the entire company. You have to drive results, and you’ll be given the freedom to find the best path to get there.
  • Management: You’ll manage a team of 10-13 salespeople, driving their individual success and engagement while rallying them towards a shared vision of sales success. At the management core, we’re looking for someone who is fascinated with the uniqueness of each individual, who can identify and coax more of what each teammate naturally does best, and who finds joy in watching those under your care thrive as a result.
  • Recruiting and hiring: Winning coaches don’t want the owner making every new draft pick for them. So as your team grows, you’ll work closely with our Talent Department to find and select the best people to join you.
  • Coaching and developing: Talented employees want to experience the thrill of getting even better and making meaningful progress in their careers. You’ll make sure each of your team members has plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. From working with our Talent Department to develop training for sales team members, to finding and sharing best sales practices, to becoming a vocal champion for sales done the Collegewise way, you’ll lead—and teach—by sales example.

Who are we looking for?
We’re looking for someone who makes work a way of life without making it your actual life. You’ll work hard, but we care more about the heart you bring and the impact you make than we do the sheer number of hours you’re willing to put in. You’re ready to commit to a calling that matters to you, and you have high expectations of yourself, your job, and your employer.

Our Head of Sales should have a point of view–you’ve invested time honing your craft and want to share that passion to make both your division and your company successful. Candidates should be prepared to back it all up with a proven track record of team-based sales results.

We recognize and reward contributors who eagerly pitch in, who leave work a little better off than they found it each day, and who pair a drive for individual success with a joy in bringing others along for the ride.

You’ll be inheriting a successful department staffed by a crew eager to continue their progress towards sales mastery. If you’re someone who will challenge yourself and your team to continuously improve, who will build a positive, engaging work environment, and who is comfortable creating both the structure and the processes to help the people you manage do their very best work, you may be the candidate we’re looking for.

We embrace experimentation and are comfortable with new ideas that might not work. But we first push hard to understand the thinking behind the proposed action. We don’t do anything just so we can say we did something. That means you should enjoy solving complex issues by thinking ahead, planning for contingencies, and taking an analytical approach.

Bottom line: our business should be better with you in it. We have very high expectations for this role, and we’ll pair them with a willingness to listen, an openness to change, and a commitment to supporting you in pursuit of it all.

Work Life at Collegewise
We’ve worked hard to create the company we’d want to work for, with a culture that draws smart, fascinating professionals united by a desire to do the best work of our careers. These ideals are well described in this short video, in the “Careers” section of our website, and in our employee handbook, which we’ve made public. For two consecutive years, we’ve even scored in the top 98% of the Gallup Organization’s employee engagement survey administered to over 25 million employees.

Salary, location, and start date
For the right person, Collegewise is prepared to offer a competitive compensation package. We’d prefer a candidate who lives in the Los Angeles or Boston metro area but will consider any strong applicant with at least 4 hours of overlap with Los Angeles time in your normal work-day routine. We’d like our new Head of Sales to start as soon as possible, but we can adjust the start date to accommodate the right person.

How to Apply
If your interest is piqued, please start by writing us a cover letter. We value good writers, so please take your time. Like a great college essay, a great cover letter helps us learn about the person behind the application. Help us understand who you are, and why you want this job, not just any job. You’re more interesting than a generic “insert-name-of-company-here” letter. So please be yourself—smart, thoughtful (maybe even funny). You might also consider checking out our five tips for job-seekers.

When you’re ready, click here to apply (you’ll see this post repeated there, with application instructions to the right).

Thanks for reading our post. We hope to hear from you, but if we don’t, we hope you find the perfect professional fit someplace else.

We’re hiring an inside salesperson

Nearly three years ago, Collegewise decided to install a sales team. Our counselors were having trouble balancing the needs of the current families on their caseload with the inquiries from those interested in learning more. So we imagined what sales done the Collegewise way would look like. We’d put the best interest of the family first. We’d take the time to understand what kind of help they needed and what success looked like for them. And once we genuinely understood their needs, we’d make a recommendation. Sometimes that might mean recommending a Collegewise program and a particular counselor here. Other times, it could mean referring them to a competitor or even to a free resource. And through it all, we had to do work we were proud of, the kind that left both our team and the customer feeling good about our interactions together.

Today, we have an inside sales team that does a remarkable job of helping families make good decisions around college counseling. And we’re looking for the next addition to join our team. Here’s the post for the job, with a link to apply below. We hope to hear from you.

  • Do you believe that a sincere desire to help is at the heart of great selling?
  • Do you want to help more students and parents benefit from a service that truly makes a difference?
  • Are you looking for resources, support, and training to do the very best selling of your career?

We’re looking for an Inside Salesperson to become the next great addition to our Sales team.

Who We Are
Collegewise is a college counseling company that guides high school students through the college admissions process. We bring sanity, perspective, and clarity to an often confusing and anxiety filled time for families—ensuring that students have the resources and advice they need to confidently navigate their journey to college.

Since 1999, we’ve helped more than 12,000 “A” students, “C” students, and everyone in between apply and get accepted to schools—sometimes famous, often not—that they’re excited to attend. And we do it all with just the right mix of advice, encouragement, and occasional cheerleading to ensure their college admissions process goes smoothly and thoughtfully. We also speak in public, write, and constantly look for ways to spread relevant college planning information to anyone who needs it—whether or not they join our program.

What We Do
To learn more about our inspiring work, check out this short video.

How We Work
To get a solid intro to our culture and the amazing people we work with, watch this short video. You can also learn more about our culture, work style, and benefits here.

What’s the Job?
Your mission will be to drive revenue, allowing Collegewise to continue to grow, scale, and change lives. In this role, you will be both an executor of our sales process and a helpful guide to those families who enter into it.

As an executor of our sales process, you’ll join a team that handles all the activity from the moment a prospect reaches out to us until they enroll with a counselor. You’ll follow up with contacts. You’ll engage meaningfully and efficiently by telephone, web chat, and email with parents of college-bound students. You’ll pair them with appropriate counselors and follow up to make sure that hand-off goes smoothly. And you’ll need to do all of this while efficiently managing a high volume of incoming leads.

As a helpful guide, your job will be to make great impressions that demonstrate with every point of contact exactly how a family can expect to be treated if they were to become a Collegewise family. You’ll ask good questions that show a genuine desire to understand their problem. You’ll clearly describe our programs and give them the information they need to decide for themselves whether or not Collegewise is the right solution for them. You’ll create interactions that leave each family thankful for your assistance and eager to experience more of the same from a Collegewise counselor.

You’ll work hard, occasionally in the evenings or on a Saturday during the busy fall season. But you’ll be helping families make good decisions about their kids’ educations, dealing only with prospects who are willingly coming to us (no cold calling here), and most importantly, selling a service that makes a difference. Browse our counselors’ bios and you’ll see hundreds of glowing testimonials from families. Your job will be to help us make a lot more families feel exactly the same way.

Who We’re Looking For (You)
We’re looking for someone who makes work a way of life without making it your actual life. Someone who’d rather be challenged by something important than phone it in for something mundane. You want to commit to a calling that matters to you, and you have high expectations of yourself, your job, and your employer.

You’ve got an inner drive to get things done. For you, each work day starts at zero, and you need to accomplish something tangible by the end of the day to feel good about yourself.

You’re a teacher at heart. You love lending a hand and being helpful to others. You’re honest and forthright, able to win trust easily, and you’re an impeccable in-person and written communicator.

You have a demonstrated track record of sales results, ideally for products or services that required you to understand a potential customer’s needs before you could recommend a solution. You welcome the accountability of a role like this, and you have the competitive juices to get excited about the potential of beating expectations.

Most importantly, you believe in the vision of Collegewise. You want to contribute your significant sales skills to our goal of helping as many families as possible transform their journey to college.

Salary, Start Date, Location
This position starts at a 40K base plus commission with uncapped earnings. A successful Inside Salesperson at Collegewise might earn an additional 80% of their salary during their first year. We’d like our new hire to start as soon as possible, but we can adjust the start date to accommodate the right person. We’re also comfortable with applicants working remotely, but the ideal candidate will also be close enough to one of our Collegewise offices (Austin, Boston, DC, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Orange County, or others) to regularly interact with and even occasionally work out of a local office.

How to Apply
If your interest is piqued, please start by writing us a cover letter. Like a great college essay, a great cover letter helps us get to know who you really are. You’re more interesting than a generic, “insert-name-of-company-here” letter. So please be yourself—smart, thoughtful (maybe even funny). You might also consider checking out our five tips for job-seekers.

Then visit this link to apply for the position.

Feel free to email us at (please, no phone calls). We promise to respond to you quickly.

Thanks for reading our post. We’d love to hear from you, but if we don’t, we hope you find the perfect professional fit someplace else.

We’re hiring part-time college counselors

Collegewise is hiring part-time college counselors to join our offices in the following locations:

  • Bergen County, New Jersey
  • Irvine, California
  • Millburn, New Jersey (update: this position has been filled)
  • Redondo Beach, California

Specifically, we’re looking for (current or former) high school counselors or college admissions officers whose work and life circumstances have led them to seek part-time work not as a second gig, but as their only gig. At this time, we’re not considering applicants who wish to hold a full-time job concurrently. You can find more information about the positions and our choices behind them here.

Collegewise has always employed our counselors full-time. In fact, in 2019, we began searching for 11 new full-time counselors to join us and have since filled all of those positions with our strongest training classes yet. We believe that truly great counselors treat their work as a calling, not a hobby. And for us, we’ve walked that talk by providing the very best counselors with a professional home where they can do the very best college counseling of their careers, full-time. Full-time is what we know, it’s what we do, and it’s what works for us.

But the recruiting of part-time counselors is an intriguing opportunity for us to employ two important and seemingly contrasting Collegewise ideals: duplicate your bright spots, and always look for new and better ways to do great work.

Only one member of our current counseling team works part-time. But our lone part-timer, a former admissions officer who wished to re-enter the workforce in a part-time capacity, has worked out very well for us, for her, and for her Collegewise students. Her hours with us are part-time, but her engagement, her commitment to the work, and her results are full-time quality. We and she have proven that a part-time arrangement can still lead to the same great outcomes that our full-time model has always delivered so well.

There are also many potential advantages to duplicating that bright spot. In addition to easing our financial burden, we’re now casting an even wider net for more great additions at Collegewise. We have no idea how many future Collegewisers are out there just waiting for a part-time counseling option to present itself. And we’ll never know until we experiment.

As we do with any experiment, we’ve considered the potential cost of failure, and in this case, we’ve accepted it as one that we could bear. Any experiment has unknowns. It’s important to ask “What’s the worst that could happen?” before you open yourself up to discovering the answer the hard way. We couldn’t bear the cost of a Collegewise student being guided by a substandard Collegewise counselor. But our hiring, onboarding, training, and management are strong enough to prevent any such counselor from somehow finding their way to one of our customers. So our worst-case scenario is that we spend our time, effort, and attention on a recruiting search that fails to find who we’re looking for. We don’t expect that’s going to happen, but if it does, it’s a cost we’re comfortable bearing as one that comes with the consistent push to innovate and get better.

If you fit who we’re looking for (or know someone who might) and find your interest piqued, you can find out more about working at Collegewise, and about these specific positions, here.

We hope to hear from you.

The definitive guide to STEM programs

In 2014, Collegewise counselor Meredith Graham penned a free Collegewise guide, “STEM’s Many Branches: College Planning for Students Considering Majors in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.” A definitive guide to understanding and applying to STEM programs, it has become one of our most popular downloaded resources.

Now, Meredith and co-author/fellow Collegewise counselor Abby Van Geldern have worked their collective magic and released a totally revised, updated, and somehow improved version. The depth of knowledge, the pedagogy employed in breaking down complex subjects, and the generous willingness to share on display here are some of the many reasons I’m so proud to work with colleagues like them.

You can get your free copy here. Enjoy, and please share.

Collegewise scholarships for the class of 2020

Last year, I announced that we were launching the Collegewise Scholarship Program to formally assist under-resourced students with their college application process. We were thrilled with the results. 27 students joined the program. Together with their assigned Collegewise counselors, they built their college lists, worked on their essays, and presented their very best applications for admissions consideration. In addition to being admitted to a variety of schools, from the University of Chicago, Birmingham-Southern, and UC San Diego to Hood College and Duke, four of those students became finalists for QuestBridge’s National College Match, a program that helps outstanding low-income high school seniors gain admission and full four-year scholarships to the nation’s most selective colleges.

I’m excited to announce that the application for the Collegewise Scholarship Program for the class of 2020 is now open. These scholarships are intended for U.S. students (including DACA students) with limited means who will be seniors this fall and would benefit from working one-on-one with a college counselor. The application deadline is June 16, and we’re evaluating the applications on a rolling basis. Much as rolling deadlines work in college admissions, there’s no guarantee that space will continue to be available right up to the deadline. So there’s an admissions benefit to applying early.

Counselors, if you work with a student who fits the above criteria, I hope you’ll encourage them to apply. All of the details and the application can be found here.

Unleash the greatness

I shared back in January that we were launching a Talent Tour of Duty at Collegewise, a nine-week program to help our Talent Department discover new and better ways to find, recruit, hire, train, and engage the very best employees. 18 Collegewisers completed the program last Friday. But the impact they’ve made will last much longer.

In just nine weeks, this group conceived of, built, and launched 12 projects. They created a diversity, equity, and inclusion board at Collegewise. They’ve scheduled a series of continuing education webinars by their colleagues, for their colleagues. They’ve created a welcoming committee for new employees, improved our student tracking systems, and initiated better ways to review applications. They’ve scheduled a more efficient series of college tours for our counselors, refreshed and improved our mentorship program, and designed a pathway for new counselors to develop an internal expertise. All in just nine weeks.

None of these ideas were handed down to them. Nobody was simply doing what they were told. They showed initiative. They took responsibility. They led and engaged and shipped their work. And Collegewise will be better because of it, and because of them.

Many organizations use authority to control their people. A select group with the authority comes up with the ideas; it’s everyone else’s job to execute them. But that only limits the number of minds thinking about how to fix problems, find better ways to do things, and improve the organization. Those in leadership positions have almost always shown some skills that deserve their title. But that doesn’t mean they have the market cornered on smart, creative, generous thinking. Why not unleash more of it?

How could you unleash more of the greatness in your club, office, or other organization? How could you invite more people to think, contribute, and take responsibility for bringing their ideas to life?

It feels good to make something that matters to you even better. To our 2019 Collegewise Tour of Duty draftees, thank you for making Collegewise even better: Abby van Geldern, Frank Martinez, Jackie Muralla, Jen Turano, Jordan Kanarek, Katie Konrad Moore, Katie Sprague, Kellie Graham, Laura Dicas, Liz Pack, Lindsay O’Sullivan, Megan Carlier, Michael Banks, Nan Yuasa, Nicole Pilar, Nikayla Loy, Olivia Vail, and Tom Barry.

Tap into your team’s potential

I recently shared an experiment we were launching at Collegewise, the Talent Tour of Duty, an 8-week program for our colleagues to help our Talent Department find new and better ways to find, recruit, hire, train, and engage the very best employees. We’d originally envisioned 8-10 people participating, a number we picked largely based on how many people might be interested (and even that was a guess). But we were astonished at both the quality and the quantity of the applications, so much so that we accepted 18 Collegewise employees into the program.

To be clear, none of these people actually work in our Talent Department. They hail from nearly every department in our company, from counseling to sales to finance to filmmaking. And they all have full-time jobs with full-time responsibilities. But they’ve all experienced what it’s like to be recruited and hired here. They’ve been through their own trainings. They’ve experienced their own joys and challenges as they’ve progressed through their jobs here. Who better to spot how we can improve the employee experience than the employees themselves?

Leaders often make the mistake of reserving the right to initiate change. But that puts enormous pressure on the leader and devalues the potential of the team. Great ideas are equal opportunity employers. Why limit the time spent observing, analyzing, and problem solving to a select few individuals? When you engage others to spot opportunities, to find solutions, and to innovate, you increase your collective potential for impact exponentially.

We’re so grateful to the Wisers who raised their hands for the Talent Department, and we can’t wait to see not only the ideas they present, but also the projects they ship. I’ll share our progress, and some of our projects, as we go. I hope our Talent Tour of Duty inspires others to tap into their own team’s potential.

Congratulations to our Talent Tour of Duty participants: Abby van Geldern, Frank Martinez, Jackie Muralla, Jen Turano, Jordan Kanarek, Katie Konrad Moore, Katie Sprague, Kellie Graham, Laura Dicas, Liz Pack, Lindsay O’Sullivan, Megan Carlier, Michael Banks, Nan Yuasa, Nicole Pilar, Nikayla Loy, Olivia Vail, and Tom Barry.