Standing Room(s) Only

Img_0189_2We’re in day #2 of our visit to the annual WACAC (Western Association for College Admissions Counseling) conference being held at the University of San Diego this year.  As of the penning of this blog, Arun and Kevin have finished their presentations ("College Admissions 101 for New High School Counselors" and "Solutions for the College Counseling Workplace") and did so to standing room only crowds.  Whether or not those standing room only crowds enjoyed the sessions remains to be seen for sure until the conference evaluations are submitted, but Kevin and Arun are telling themselves that they were funny, charming, and even informative.  Arun actually had an admissions officer from USC tell him after his session that his information was "right on point," so that was a nice piece of feedback.   

This picture at the left is Arun commanding the room during his session.  Kevin will be asking the rest of the Collegewisers why nobody bothered to photograph him and will reveal their answer in a blog entry to come.   

June News for Friends and Family…

Elisabeth_awardOur new little “Collegewise News for Friends and Family” section of
our blog is for those readers who really want to know what we’ve been up to around our offices. Yes, the section could probably be more aptly named, “For our Mothers” as they’re likely the only ones who will read it regularly. But as we all want to make our mothers proud, we thank the rest of our readers in advance for allowing us to update our moms here.

150 kids and counting

Collegewise essay specialist Elisabeth Abbott is beginning her fourth senior season with us this year. And we figured that anyone who’s helped over 150 kids with college essays, and done it so amazing well, deserves a little extra appreciation.  So we declared May 19, 2007 “Elisabeth Appreciation Night” and enjoyed a great meal together in Los Angeles.

The plaque Elisabeth is holding in the photo has the names of the more than 150 kids with whom she’s worked, kids who are now enrolled in over 70 different colleges across the country.

New Essay Specialists

Speaking of appreciating essay specialists, we’re very appreciative of the three new ones who will be joining us in the Orange County Office this summer. We thought we’d let them introduce themselves by sharing snippets from their (brilliant) cover letters they submitted to us. Needless to say, as a company of writers and grammar snobs, we know they’re going to fit right in and help a lot of kids get into college this fall.

Amy Lovin

While I read many “great” books as an undergrad (in terms of philosophy as well as sheer volume), my most beloved remains the small, short, almost pamphlet-like Elements of Style by Strunk & White. Their easy-to-follow, yet quick-witted, guide to all things grammatical should be required reading, especially for all of those truck drivers carting around “flammable” cargo. Editor’s note: Go here for Strunk and & White’s explanation of flammable vs. inflammable.College_essay_specialists

Drew Wood
I will change the face of the college essay. I will play the
game. I will adapt. I will laugh. I will cry. I will show those
admissions people. I will be selfless. I will remain selfish. I will be available when you need me. I will be nice. I will be ruthless. I will not steal paper clips. I will not waste Wite-Out. I will be the thorn in your side. I will be the light of your life. I will make my mom proud. I will shame my family. I will be the best essay-man that Collegewise has ever seen. I will be modest. I will be humble. I will be better than this. I will be waiting. 

Mamie Cosentino
I’m the girl who shields young children’s eyes as they pass the shop around the corner, not because the items displayed in the window case are overpriced or inappropriate, but because the sign above the door reads “Jean’s Gift’s.” (Yes, it really does.) 

Off to San Diego

And finally, we’re headed to the annual WACAC (Western Association for College Admissions Counseling) conference in San Diego this week and we have to admit that we’re pretty excited about it. We always enjoy chatting with admissions officers and learning as much as we can. And for the third consecutive year, Kevin and Arun are each presenting workshops at the conference.  For our Collegewise cohorts, attendance at their sessions is mandatory and heckling is prohibited (at least until after the sessions are finished).

Until next month…