A new take on resolutions

In the past, I’ve posted suggested resolutions for students and parents, plus another for private counselors.

I’ve posted Chip and Dean Heath’s (who teach at Stanford and Duke respectively) “4 Research-Backed Tips for Sticking to Your New Years Resolutions.”

I’ve shared Dan Pink’s take on the science of behavioral economics when applied to new year’s resolutions.

And I’ve posted this 30-minute podcast on the Freakonomics blog about why willpower alone is not enough (and what to do instead).

But here’s a new take—what if this year, you only resolved to do two things?

  1. Spend more time doing one thing that you love doing.
  2. Identify one thing you don’t like doing and stop doing it.

If you took those two resolutions to positive rather than irresponsible extremes (I don’t recommend you commit to spending the next 365 days eating as many donuts as possible and doing absolutely no homework), imagine what a difference it would make over the next year.

How much happier and less stressed would you be? And how much closer would you be to reaching your goals?

Maybe two resolutions is all it takes.

Happy New Year, and thanks for reading.