Once you get there

“What you do in college will be more important than where you do it.”

It’s one of my recurring themes on this blog, one that, when embraced, not only helps families enjoy a more successful, less stressful application process, but also encourages students to make the most of their time once they arrive on campus. No matter where you go, you can’t just sit back and wait for college to change you. It will be up to you to extract the maximum value from your experience and create a remarkable college career, as I described in this past post.

Chase, a former Collegewise student who’s currently a sophomore at Northeastern University, is a perfect example. Last week, he emailed his former Collegewise counselor, Breanne, with an update. I’m sharing that email here with Chase’s permission.

Hi Breanne!

I hope all is well. It’s the last day of classes at Northeastern so I’m getting all sentimental and I thought I would check in with you!

Some updates:

-I joined Husky Ambassadors (tour guide group) last semester and I am now giving the occasional campus tour
-I survived the snow
-I worked as an orientation leader this summer and had the best time of my life
-I somewhat understand hockey
-I have switched my concentration to marketing and added a minor in journalism this semester
-I took an introductory journalism class this semester and really enjoyed it
-I am currently working as an RA in the community service hall and I am enjoying it
-I am taking an improv class in Boston and it is a lot of fun
-I participated in a 24 hour scavenger hunt called the Husky Hunt and my team came in 13th out of 150ish
-I have dabbled in Ultimate Frisbee but just don’t have time to join the team
-I just accepted my first co-op! So starting in January I will be working full time at Brightcove (video platform company) in a marketing operations position. I am excited to learn and also excited to make money.

Thank you again for all your help in getting me here. I am having an amazing experience!

Thank you,

Chase isn’t just passively observing his college years. He is all in, having fun, seeking and securing opportunities, discovering his talents and interests, making the most of the opportunities available both on and off campus. He isn’t someone who will graduate with an empty resume and then complain that the market is rough for new college grads. He’ll have knowledge, experience, mentors, references, and opportunities, most of which would not have been available to him if he hadn’t 1) chosen Northeastern, and 2) made the most of his time there.

I hope readers, especially students and their parents, will learn from Chase’s example. Students have four years to extract as much value as possible from their chosen college. No matter what name appears on the sweatshirt, you’re more likely to blaze a productive path like Chase has if you choose the right school for you and make it your mission to make the most of it once you get there.

Congrats, Chase. And go Huskies!