Unpredictable returns

You can’t predict all of the returns your college is going to give back to you.  Some of them may not show up for a long time after you graduate. 

Back in college, I had a job running my school’s summer orientation program.  That was the first time I started thinking about a career in education.

That led me to work at a test prep company after graduation, where I learned everything I could about college admissions.

When I finally felt ready, I started my own college counseling business.

It grew and grew until I had to start hiring other counselors.

One of the counselors I hired was a Colgate grad.

She introduced me to her best friend: her former college roommate.

I’m marrying that best friend and former college roommate at 5:30 today. 

The unpredictable returns of college never get mentioned on websites or in guidebooks or with the US News rankings.  But I can tell you from personal experience that they’re among the best things the right college can do for you, whether or not you attend a prestigious school.