How college trains you for life changes

Today, I'm officially moving to Seattle, Washington and leaving behind Southern California, the place that I’ve called home since departing for college in 1989 (except for a three-year post-college stint in New York City).  No changes at Collegewise or what I do here, just a change in where I’ll be doing it. 

Going to college is good training for life changes.  When you leave the place you call home, start over, and carve out a new life with new people at age 18, it’s less intimidating each time you have to do it again.  The students who study abroad, or take summer internships in new cities, or even just cross-register at different campuses get an even bigger head start.  Add “making new starts” to the long list of life skills you learn during your four collegiate years.

I’ve got the next ten days of blog posts queued, but I’ll be away from my email while I’m on the road and getting settled.   Thanks for reading my blog, and I’ll see you in a future post from the Pacific Northwest. 


  1. Candy says

    Welcome to Seattle! I also moved here from LA. Buy a polartec jacket and a rain jacket and some hiking boots and you will fit right in! Remember that county, state, and federal parks/trails/forests all require payment to park. And take a picture of the sun and hang it from a wall… just so you remember what it looks like.