College essay, interview and financial aid videos are now in the Collegewise store

Videos of my three most popular Collegewise seminars are now available in our online store

  • “How to Write a Great College Essay”
  • “Financial Aid and Scholarships”
  • “College Interviews”

Each video is 1-hour long and sells for $12.99 as a streaming download here.

Seminars have been a Saturday morning tradition since I founded Collegewise in 1999.  We serve up some muffins and coffee—then I spend an hour preaching the Collegewise way and making complicated subjects simpler.  We want everyone to leave feeling more confident about their college planning, and I always encourage them to take the leftover muffins so I don’t eat them myself.

But we thought the seminars might appeal to a wider audience of people who don’t live near one of our offices.  So we brought in a film crew, they set up their lighting and cameras, and I gave our regularly-scheduled seminars to the Collegewise families (who graciously signed release forms to appear on the video).  There’s no scripting here and these aren’t polished infomercials—just me teaching Collegewise families how to write college essays, apply for financial aid, and have memorable college interviews.  It’s what you’d see if you were attending live as part of our Collegewise program (minus the muffins and coffee).  And for families in our counseling programs, you’ll now have free access to the videos to view if you’re unable to attend a seminar. 

Later this month, we’ll also be releasing these videos as hard-copy DVDs for teachers, counselors, non-profits and anyone else who works with students and wants to share them with a class.  But for now, go here to learn more or to purchase your download.  And if you have questions or feedback, feel free to email me at kevinm (at) collegewise (dot) com.  Our Collegewise families have always enjoyed these and I think you will, too.


  1. Kwally3 says

    sweet! I’ve been waiting for these so that I can forward them to my school’s english and counselor departments. Thanks guys, I’ll chip in a good word for y’all.

  2. Kwally3 says

    ^sorry, forgot to add:
    Any chance for you guys to put up a sample video? Though I’m on a good basis with the teachers and counselors, a sneak peak would do wonders to whet their appetites.

  3. says

    Kwally3- Thanks for helping us spread the good word! That’s a great suggestion about the video clips. We’ll see what we can do about that. In the meantime, if your counselor wants to take a peak, have her email me at kevinm(at)collegewise(dot)com. I could set her up with an account and let her view one of the videos for free just so she can make sure we’re legit.