Frozen yogurt and college admissions

If you're ever in Costa Mesa, CA, check out America's Cup yogurt in the Harbor Shopping Center.  And if Garbriel is working, get ready to be impressed.

Gabriel looks like your typical teenage kid doing a fairly typical teenage kid's part-time job.  But the way he approaches his job is anything but typical.

When you walk in, he smiles big and says, "Hi!"  In fact, he never stops smiling, not when he's wiping the counter, or refilling the toppings or ringing up your order. 

He engages with all of the customers, saying things like, "You want a napkin for the ride home in case you spill a little?" and, "You should start eating yours now–there's no reason you should have to suffer just because your boyfriend is still deciding what flavor he wants."  

He acts like there's just no place else he'd rather be on a Wednesday night at 8:30 than right there at America's Cup.  And I really can't describe what a difference it makes. 

I don't know anything else about this kid other than what he's like at his part-time job.  But I know that kid is going places.  And I don't care what his grades and test scores are.  He's the kind of person this book was written about. 

Enthusiasm is available to anyone and appreciated by everyone.  You don't have to be the smartest, strongest, highest test-scoring, fastest kid to be enthusiastic about what you're doing.  Come to class with a smile on your face.  When you're at soccer practice, bring a great attitude along with your cleats.  If you're cleaning up after the homecoming dance with the rest of the elected officers, be the one who's not grumpy and actually seems happy to be there.

If you bring more enthusiasm, you'll find that:

1) You'll enjoy what you're doing even more. 

2) Other people will enjoy what they're doing even more (enthusiasm is contagious) 

3)  People will always want you around because you make everything more enjoyable.

That's a great trio.