Seniors, don’t forget to give thanks

Nobody gets into college alone.  There are always supportive people in your corner who help you get there.  So as you submit the last of your applications, take some time to thank the people who helped you. 

Here are some people who might deserve your thanks.

1. Your high school counselor. 

Even if you never actually met to discuss your applications, counselors do a lot of work for you behind-the-scenes that you might not be aware of.

2. Anyone who wrote your letters of recommendation.

3. The college rep who interviewed you.

4.  Your parents. 

From providing moral support to paying for the SAT tutor, your parents likely deserve a healthy dose of your gratitude. 

5. Your English teacher for reviewing your essays.

6. Anyone else who reviewed your essays as a favor to you (though I'm hoping you didn't shop them around to too many people).

7. The helpful admissions officer who answered your questions or called you to tell you something was missing from your file (don't blow this one off–say thank you!). 

8. Your older brother or sister who lent you some college wisdom.

9. The teacher or tutor who helped you improve your grades or your test scores.

10. Anyone else who helped you, gave you advice, encouraged you, provided emotional support, offered monetary support, or just generally took an interest in your college quest and your happiness. 

It's so easy to say thank you.  And you'd be surprised how often it comes back to you.