Open for business in the Pacific Northwest

It's official–Collegewise is now open for business in Bellevue, Washington.  For the uninitiated, Bellevue is across Lake Washington from Seattle and is known as a Seattle "boonburb" (a large, rapidly growing city that remains essentially suburban in
character even as it reaches populations more typical of urban core

If you're a Bellevueite (or if you live near the Bellevue area) and you'd like some help finding and applying to the right colleges, we'd love to hear from you. 

Here are a few ways you can get go know us.

1.  Come to a free college admissions seminar. 

We're holding free seminars in Bellevue to help introduce ourselves to families and, well, to show off a little.  Click here for more information.  We hope you'll join us.

2.  Schedule a free 30-minute introductory meeting with our fabulous college counselor, Katie Konrad.
If you're thinking about hiring a college counselor, we'd love to meet you and see if we could be of assistance.  This 30-minute meeting is an opportunity for us to assess if we
can help your family, for you to ask questions about our program, and
for the student to get a chance to meet the person with whom he or she
would be working if you enroll.  Since we only have
thirty minutes together, we won’t be able to tell you where you should
go to college or what to do to get in.  But we can help your family
decide whether or not our program is the best fit for you.  To contact Katie at our Bellevue office, give her a call at (425) 451-4355 or send an email to 

3.  Sign up for our free email newsletter.
Our counselors write a free college admissions newsletter that goes out about every three weeks.  If you'd like to subscribe and get a taste of the kind of advice we give, click here.

Thanks for reading, and we hope we'll get the opportunity to meet your family.  


  1. Emily says

    This is so exciting that there will be a Collegewise office in the Seattle area. I have heard about what Collegewise does from a friend in LA and am excited for my son to get some advice from the Collegewise counselors!

  2. says

    Pretty cool news. Must be a relatively small center at the moment, though. Still, nice news to hear as I’m considering moving to the Seattle area (among a few other options).