August News for Friends and Family…

Img_0210 Happy Graduation
Collegewise counselors Jessica Schattgen (Los Angeles) and Allison Cummings (Irvine) recently completed our five-week college counselor training that culminates in a two-day final exam, an exam on which they both earned the highest scores ever recorded since we began our training program in nearly five years ago.   

To celebrate, the Irvine crew traveled north to Los Angeles for a congratulatory dinner. We’re looking forward to seeing them put their admissions experience (and their curve setting final performance) to work helping kids get into college.

Tree_hugginBack on Tour
Collegewise Irvine’s Kyle McNichols (aka Dean of Kyle U) recently returned from a tour of more than a dozen colleges and universities in Northern California, including UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, St. Mary’s, Dominican University, USF and San Francisco State.

Kyle doesn’t just tour colleges–she becomes one with the campus culture.  And since they say that liberal UC Santa Cruz has a lot of "tree huggers" who go to school there, Kyle (at left) joined right in.   

High School Consulting
Last year, we signed a contract with JSerra Catholic High School to train their counselors, meet with students, and provide workshops for their families.  And we’re happy to announce that we’ve been invited to return for the academic year 2007/2008.  While it’s a great business opportunity for us, we feel especially lucky to work with such a professional, appreciative, and just plain nice group of faculty, counselors, students and parents. 

New Digs
At the risk of jinxing it, we are putting the finishing touches on the lease for our new office space in Los Angeles that will be inhabited by Arun, Jessica, and what will likely be more than 100 students we’ll see in Los Angeles this year.  Arun and Jessica are busy with computers and phones and furniture in preparation for what is sure to be quite the office warming in the next month or so.  When that happens, we’ll be sure to post some pictures of the new space. 

Until next month…


  1. katiegate says

    Congrats on the new JSerra contract! And congrats to Jessica and Allison on graduation! ๐Ÿ™‚