How many stars do you deserve?

Gabe the Bass Player shares an interesting idea on his blog. What would happen if every music concert came with a rating of 1-10 stars people could see before they bought tickets? And here’s the catch. What if the musicians chose their own rating?

If you’re a musician, now you’d have a choice to make. Out of ten stars, how good is your show? How many stars do you deserve?

Sure, you could rate yourself a 10, even if your show doesn’t deserve it, just to sell more tickets. But then you’d look like both a fraud for duping your audience and a fool for thinking your 3 could pass for a 10. Or you could do a difficult, honest assessment of how many stars you really deserve and then tell your potential audience the truth.

That rating would say a lot not just about a musician’s desire to sell tickets, but also how they judge music and how they hope to relate to their fans.

Now, here’s the exciting opportunity. Any musician who’s willing to give themselves an honest rating can then ask the even more important question: What do I need to do differently to earn more stars?

As a student, a parent, a sibling, a coworker, a counselor, etc.–how many stars would you give yourself? And what do you need to do to increase your rating?