Beginning anew

One of the best things about New Year’s Day is the feeling of renewal. It’s a fresh start, a year full of possibility, a chance to press the reset button and really do things right. Let the New Year’s Resolutions begin.

A new school year is a similar opportunity, for both students and parents.

The school year has a definitive beginning and end. It begins with a transition and ends with another one, a nine-month cycle with a beginning, much like the start of the calendar year, that is the perfect opportunity to start anew.

Nine months from now, what would you like to be able to say about this school year? What would make you feel happy, proud, successful, etc.?

Parents, same question. In your role as the parent of a teenager who also plans to attend college, what would you like to be able to say about the way you played that role this year? What would make you feel proud? But careful not to choose a goal that’s tied to your student’s achievement. “Help my teen improve her grades this year” is about your student. “Focus more on my daughter’s effort than I do on the outcomes” is a goal about you.

No school year ever goes perfectly for everyone involved. But you can make conscious choices to do more of what worked for you last year, and less of what did not.

The beginning of a new school year is the perfect time to begin anew.