Entitlement causes a lot of frustration in college admissions.

Nobody forces a family to treat a “No” from a dream college like a personal rejection, one that’s robbing them of their right to attend Top-Choice U. This is especially true when you have offers of admission in hand from other colleges. That decision to be angry about what you don’t have rather than grateful for what you do have is a choice. And the price is that you stay stuck in your frustration and delay what is almost certainly the inevitable change of heart once you find your place at a school that had the good sense to say yes.

Students, you deserve the opportunity to attend college. You deserve to be supported in your journey to get there. You deserve to be evaluated fairly and thoughtfully and to be treated with respect no matter what the decision may be.

But it’s hard to argue that a decision from one school is a miscarriage of justice that robbed a student of an outcome they deserved.

If you want to move forward, leave the entitlement behind.