Behind the blog

I’ve been writing this blog every day since October 12, 2009. More than 3500 posts–in a row. And I’ve never missed a day.

I write every word myself, and I don’t take guest posts. I find both pressure and pride in owning every post myself.

I’ve never accepted any advertising. Any book or resource or expert that I tout here is based only on my own recommendation. Nobody can buy a mention on my blog.

I rely every day on the assistance of our managing editor at Collegewise, my friend and colleague, Mamie Cosentino. I am not a good copy editor when reviewing my own work, so before a post goes live, Mamie proofreads it and fixes my typos (when one slips through, it’s usually because I didn’t queue it in time for her careful review). But unless I write a sentence that’s incomprehensible, which happens occasionally, she leaves error-free writing untouched.

It will be a bittersweet day when I write my final post on October 12, 2019. I’ve invested hundreds and hundreds of hours in this blog. But it’s paid me back every day since I started. From the discipline to write every day, to the privilege of having a platform, to the joy of hearing from readers willing to share how one or many posts impacted them, I can’t imagine a practice that gives such a priceless return on a measurable investment.

There are plenty of worthy practices to consider trying. But for just about anyone, my advice would be the same: start a daily blog.