Injecting character, reducing distress

In 2013, the Harvard Graduate School of Education sponsored a project aimed at shifting the college admissions focus from that of a relentless, achieve-at-any-cost drive to one that both encourages and recognizes ethics, caring, and character. The result was their 2016 publication of “Turning the Tide: Inspiring Concern for Others and the Common Good Through College Admissions.”  Now, they’ve released “Turning the Tide II: How Parents and High Schools Can Cultivate Ethical Character and Reduce Distress in The College Admissions Process.” The summary and full report are both available here.  Collegewise Director of Counseling, Casey Near, also pointed me to the “Resources for Families” section of their website. You won’t find advice there about how to get into Harvard or any other highly selective schools. But you will find a collection of articles and advice from experts to help your family regain some sense of balance and perspective in a process that all too often is lacking both.