Who helped you get here?

Seniors, now that most of you are at the end of your college admissions process, if you were to stand on a stage and give an Academy Award-style thank you speech naming everyone who helped you get to the college you’re planning to attend, who would you name?

A few suggestions:

  • Your high school counselor
  • People who wrote your letters of recommendation
  • Your parents
  • The teachers, counselors, or others who reviewed your essays
  • Older friends or siblings who shared some college wisdom
  • Teachers who—at any point during high school—went out of their way to help, guide, or mentor you
  • Anyone else who helped, advised, encouraged, supported, or otherwise took an interest in your college journey

Whoever you named in this imaginary exercise deserves an actual thank-you (and if they don’t know already, they likely want to find out where you’re going to college!). You don’t have to stand on a stage to do it. A sincere, thoughtful note will suffice. Here’s a past post with some advice on how to do that well.