Don’t buy into rankings

I saw a clickbait article/ad recently entitled, “Disney Rides, Ranked from Worst to First.”

Really? According to whom? Based on what criteria?

How do the rankers know that their #1 will also be my #1?

At which Disney-attending audience do these rankings claim to be aimed? Thrill-seekers? Parents who are there with little kids? The little kids themselves?

It’s absurd to think that one list of ranked rides can possibly encapsulate the likes and dislikes of everyone who visits Disney. Now, readers here could justifiably say, “Kevin, it’s just a throwaway ad. Don’t let it upset you so much.” But I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

There are a lot more variables within college educations and experiences than there are within Disney rides. Don’t buy or buy into any magazine that claims otherwise.

For more on the trouble with college rankings, here’s my Collegewise colleague Arun Ponnusamy (who attended and subsequently worked at several perpetually highly ranked schools).