Face-to-face, or screen-to-screen?

An increasing number of families who work with a college counselor at Collegewise do so entirely online via Zoom or Skype. In fact, we now have a growing crew of counselors who are not housed in an office and instead work with families virtually. We’re very comfortable counseling online. We know it works. The experience and outcomes are just as successful and enjoyable for both parties as they are for those who work with us in person. Still, many families understandably have some reluctance around engaging with someone who may be in a different city or even an entirely different time zone. What’s the best way to allay their anxieties?

We decided to express ourselves exactly as we advise our students to on their applications—be yourself, tell the truth, and sound like a human, not a sales pitch.

Here’s the latest work from our filmmaker, Frank Martinez, featuring a few of our online counselors. No scripted messaging. No fake personas. Just real counselors, expressing their real approaches and experiences, presented in an honest but appropriately clear, succinct, effective way.

Virtual counseling still isn’t for everybody. Each family who decides to engage with Collegewise should make their own choice about how to do so. But we think this video gives families a good sense of just how similar their experience will be, whether they choose to work with us face-to-face or screen-to-screen.

You can learn more about all of our Collegewise counselors here.