What you don’t yet know

Students, four years ago, who were you and what did you know? It doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 14 today. Chances are that when you scan back four years, you’ll do some serious head-shaking. You likely felt at the time like you’d grown wise beyond your years. But the benefit of four years of hindsight points out that much of that confidence came from simply not yet knowing what you didn’t yet know.

Now, imagine yourself in the future walking across the stage at your college graduation.

Compared to today, how much will you know then? How much will you have learned, seen, and experienced? How many people will you have met, how much fun will you have enjoyed, and how many opportunities will you have had to learn from your successes and mistakes?

What will you have learned about yourself and the world around you? How much will you know then that you don’t yet know today?

No matter how knowledgeable and confident you may be now, how do you imagine the you on that stage in the future will view the you of today?

And most importantly, do you honestly believe that only a prestigious college can usher in those wonderful insights and changes?

You don’t yet know what you don’t know today. But there are plenty of colleges beyond the famous ones to help you make the wonderful leap from not knowing to knowing.