Yes to their yes

Seniors, as you wrestle with the wait to receive decisions from your colleges, it’s natural to assign a lot of gravity to these impending notifications. Other people are seemingly deciding your next four years for you. It’s natural to think about the tidal shift that a yes or no from any college will carry with it, with all the options that are either presented or taken away with one piece of admissions news.

But I promise you that at some point in your life, a point not all that long from now, the day that news arrived will feel like just another day.

You’ll almost certainly be in college at this time next year. And I’ve never met a college freshman who was still in the denial dumps about a college that said no way back when. Big news feels appropriately big when it arrives. But the changes that come with it eventually just become normal life.

Good news or bad news, that day will pass. And whatever the news, you’ll have a lot of days left to fill at a college where you say yes to their yes.