Where accepted status won’t change

Brennan Bernard’s latest Forbes piece, “A Letter To College Applicants,” is written for students. But it really should be shared with their parents, too. Parents, your kids are going to need you to help them see the message conveyed within, that their life will be about many things bigger and more important than any decision from a college. Teens don’t have the life experience and perspective to zoom out like that, to see the bigger picture when the present reality looms so much larger than the unclear future. The college admissions process has a way of not only exacerbating the pain of that inexperience, but also of luring so many parents to lose the same perspective. Bernard’s piece just might help both parties regain their footing.

And while Bernard offers an invitation to students to express their love and appreciation for their parent or the caring adult in their life, the college admissions process is the perfect opportunity for parents to do exactly the same in reverse. Remind your son or daughter how much more they are to you than a grade, test score, or admissions decisions, and that their accepted status for your family will never change.