Home/school balance

Many professionals struggle with their work/life balance. I’ve never met an adult who said, “I wish that my boss and my job-related stress and my performance at work would play a bigger role in my life at home.”

And yet many kids today are struggling with home/school balance.

Parents, what if your home became the place where kids could be free of:

  • Measurement of performance
  • Comparisons to other kids
  • Judgment based on grades or test scores
  • Suggestions to fix their weaknesses
  • Pressure to succeed by subjective metrics
  • Recurring conversations about college admissions
  • Imposed guilt for mistakes made

Not a home free of expectations or bloated with universal praise. But a place where the love is unconditional, where a student’s performance as a family member is more important than their performance as a college applicant.

How would that change the environment at home? And how might it embolden them to thrive in the environment at school?

Both might improve with a better home/school balance.