Misplaced pronoun

One pronoun often gets in the way of a healthy college admissions process—“we.” Parents who say, “We’re applying to…” or “We are still waiting for a decision from…” are forgetting that all of this college admissions activity and anxiety isn’t happening to them. It’s happening to their kids. And too much “we” just puts more pressure on them.

But “WE” still has its place, especially when reinforcing how much of your life as a family has absolutely nothing to do with college admissions.

WE are a family, one with history and principles and traditions.

WE have “Family Sunday” dinners in which WE will endure Uncle Frank’s interminable stories.

WE cheer for the Yankees/Lakers/Patriots, etc. because WE stick together in our fandom.

WE celebrate Christmas/Ramadan/Yom Kippur, etc.

WE support each other.

WE want each other to be happy.

WE will always be WE, no matter what happens with college admissions.

Don’t abandon your WE. Just don’t misplace your pronoun.