Looking for colleges with no-loan policies?

The inimitable Mark Kantrowitz has not only put together a list of more than six dozen colleges in the US that have no-loans financial aid policies for low-income (and some for even middle income) families, he’s also listed the AGI (adjusted gross income) on which the policy is based for each school.

It’s hard to argue with the financial planning of choosing a college you don’t take on debt to attend. And this list is a good place to start if you’re taking that approach. But remember three things: (1) just because a college isn’t on this list doesn’t mean that all of their packages contain loans; (2) you don’t know the specific makeup (grants/scholarships, loans, and work study) of your financial aid package at any college until you actually apply for both admission and aid; (3) you retain the right to refuse the loan portion of any financial aid package you accept.