Don’t make today a cliché

Thanksgiving can mean radically different things for different families. But for those of us who will be gathering around the table with our loved ones today, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to slow down, to step away from our buzzing phones and gadgets, and to take some time to thoughtfully consider just how much we have to be grateful for. Gratitude has been scientifically proven to alter the way our brains work. We’re happier, more productive, more patient, and ultimately more successful when we focus on what’s right and what we have rather than what’s wrong and what’s missing.

Last year, I wrote this Thanksgiving post reminding families not to let college admissions and all of its associated stressors seep into your Thanksgiving. After 19 years and helping over 12,000 of our Collegewise students find their way to the right colleges, I promise that not one of them sustained admissions damage by taking Thanksgiving off from the race. I hope the past words, and the included wisdom of veteran (non-Collegewise) counselor Patrick O’Connor, resonate with you this year, too.

Happy Thanksgiving.