Who did you help?

In this podcast, Adam Grant discusses his book Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success and cites three data-proven reasons that successful givers are ultimately the most successful overall in an organization.

1. Social capital benefit
Everyone wants to work with givers because they go above and beyond and do things that are not in their job description. They are sought out. When you have a choice about who to work with, you ask for them. They’re the people you trust to be your subordinate or your boss. They just have better reputations.

2. Motivation
Givers have more meaning in their work because it contributes to something larger than themselves. The time they spend trying to support other people and help them gives them a sense of purpose.

3. Learning
The time you devote to helping other people solve their problems helps you solve the organization’s problems.

If you want to feel more fulfilled, achieve more success, and yes, impress colleges, try spending less time asking yourself, “What did I achieve for myself today?” and start asking, “Who did I help today?”