I’m speaking in Seattle on September 13

I’ll be presenting this session in Seattle at the 2018 TINYcon, a conference about improving the employee experience:

Humans Are Not “Resources”: Little Things That Make the Biggest Difference For Your Best People

Presenter: Kevin McMullin

Employees are people first, and real people care about more than mission statements on the walls, elaborate benefits packages, and ping pong tables at the office. Collegewise doesn’t have nap pods or on-site laundry, but they do have hundreds of applications for every opening, a staff widely recognized as the best in their industry, and almost no employee turnover. Best of all, many of their best people-practices cost only a little time and attention. Join Collegewise founder and managing partner Kevin McMullin and you’ll leave this session with concrete ideas to make your real people feel like they’ve found their professional place to call home.

The conference runs from September 12-14 and isn’t cheap, but if its theme and agenda pique your interest enough to attend, I hope you’ll come say hi at my session on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. All the information is here.