Is your motivation from a renewable resource?

For some students, their hard work is all predicated on getting into a good college. The challenging courses and the good grades and the accolades are like tickets for what they hope will be the winning admissions payoff.

One of the many problems with finding motivation from the college admissions source is that the source will eventually expire. Eventually, they’ll get into college. Famous college or not, what will motivate them next? When there are no grades or test scores left to earn, when they’re out there in the real world with no roadmap to busting the curve, what will drive those students then?

Students, you might consider finding your motivation from a renewable resource, like curiosity, self-fulfillment, self-improvement, opportunity, upward mobility, big dreams beyond the offer of admission, etc.

You wouldn’t be taking your eye off the current prize. Each of those sources can drive you just as well if not better than the admissions source can.

But the acceptance wouldn’t be the end of the trip. It would be the beginning of another leg of your life journey, and of more opportunities to use your internal motivational fuel.