Does it have to be “crazy at work”?

When I started Collegewise, I had experience working in a small business, but not starting and running one. So I began a habit of reading business books. I wanted to fill the gaps in my knowledge, and I just found the topics interesting. Nineteen years and over 200 books later, none have impacted my approach to work and to building Collegewise more than Rework did, the 2010 best seller from the guys at Basecamp (formerly 37signals). Almost everything they recommended was simultaneously contrarian and obvious, which is what makes it compelling. That book made me a fan. I’ve since read hundreds of articles on their blog. I’ve listened to every podcast, interview, and recorded presentation. I even attended a workshop at their company headquarters in Chicago. When I’m looking for good thinking and good teaching from a good business, Basecamp is the first place I go.

Surprisingly, I’ve now inhaled so much of their advice that I actually don’t think I’ll be pre-ordering their new book, It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work. I’ve read or heard them express all the ideas within it because I’ve followed them for so long. I recall them saying in an interview that their books are like greatest hits albums. I love their music, but I already own all the hits.

If the book description resonates with you, maybe this will be your introduction to Jason and David from Basecamp.

“Long hours, an excessive workload, and a lack of sleep have become a badge of honor for modern professionals. But it should be a mark of stupidity, the authors argue. Sadly, this isn’t just a problem for large organizations—individuals, contractors, and solopreneurs are burning themselves out the same way. The answer to better productivity isn’t more hours—it’s less waste and fewer things that induce distraction and persistent stress.”

The pre-order link is here.