Act on your future counseling need

Students, have you met your high school counselor? Have you engaged with them at all about your academic or college planning? Have you established yourself as someone who’s availing yourself of the resources available to you at your school? Or are you waiting for your counselor to reach out to you? Or worse, have you written off your counselor as someone who you think just doesn’t know enough to help you?

If you’re in the camp of students who haven’t made reasonable efforts to engage with their counselor, imagine a scenario where you one day need their help.

You just got word that a college hasn’t received your letters of rec and you need your counselor to intervene on your behalf.

A college you’ve applied to calls your counselor to verify some information that was unclear in your application.

You need your counselor to explain to a college why you didn’t enroll in physics, why you missed three weeks of school, or why you were disciplined for an infraction that’s now part of your school record.

If you found yourself in a scenario where you really needed your counselor’s help, would you wish you’d made more of an effort to be a familiar student who your counselor knows well and could vouch for with anyone who asked?

Start being the student you would want to be if one of those scenarios were presented to you. The time to consider that future need is now.