Standardized test planning

Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT dominate college prep talk in many circles. Which test are you taking? What tutor are you using? What score did you get? The questions incite anxiety, especially for families who don’t yet have all the answers.

On February 27, our two Collegewisers who have the most accumulated knowledge around planning and preparing for standardized tests will present a free webinar to help you find all the answers to your testing questions. If you need help deciding which tests to take, when to take them, how to interpret your scores, or just how to make sense of the general testing madness, I think you’ll be very pleased with the information and advice we’re planning to share.

You can find all the information, and the link to register, here. Spaces are limited, though, so I recommended you register soon if you’re interested.

I hope we’ll see you there virtually.