“Your application is incomplete”

Some parts of the college admissions cycle are so 1) recurring and 2) fear-inducing that they merit a repost here every now and then. Here’s one.

“Our records indicate that your application is incomplete.”

Those are not the words you want to hear or read when you so methodically ensured that all of the required pieces were in fact sent by the deadline.

So, college applicants and their worried parents, I hope you’ll read or at least keep handy this past post about what to do if those words arrive. And even more importantly, make sure you click on the link within that post taking you to Patrick O’Connor’s excellent article, “Before you Scream at your High School Counselor.”

The dreaded “Your application is incomplete” often induces a lot more panic and unfair assigning of blame than it merits. I’m hoping those two reads referenced above will help you forge ahead calmly and productively if the dreaded message arrives in your inbox.