Guaranteed celebration

If you’re a senior who just submitted your early applications for November 1 deadlines, congratulations. There is increasing concern among counselors and even colleges about just how many schools are offering these programs right now, how many students are taking advantage of them, and how much added pressure that places on applicants, many of whom feel that they’ll be at a disadvantage if they don’t avail themselves of the early option. So if you successfully completed your application(s) and wrote the essays and pressed the submit button before the early deadline, you deserve a break. But here’s my recommendation.

Take a break, but get back on the application horse soon.

There’s an understandable inclination for early applicants to put off completing their remaining applications until they receive their early application decisions. After all, if those schools are your top choices and you’re admitted to one or more of them, the time spent completing your remaining applications will all have been for nothing.

Still, my recommendation for you is the same that we make to just about all our Collegewise students. Take the weekend off from applications. You deserve that. But please don’t put off all the remaining work until you receive a decision from the school(s) where you’ve applied early.

An admission in early December will make for one of the best holiday breaks you could imagine. But if you don’t get the news you were hoping for and you’ve left all your remaining applications to complete, there won’t be any time to lick your admissions wounds. Instead, you’ll need to muster the energy to jump right back into this process. That disappointment will be a lot easier to manage—and you’ll have a far more enjoyable holiday break—if that work has already been completed.

You don’t necessarily have to submit all those remaining applications beforehand if you’d rather not bear the financial strain of paying the accompanying fees. Just get the work itself done beforehand and you’ll have something to celebrate no matter what early news you receive.