Where’s the Common App “Submit” button?

A number of our Collegewise seniors this year have found that, after completing and revising and perfecting their Common Applications, they arrive at the page to submit the app only to find that there is seemingly no “Submit” button. If that’s happened to you or to your students, here’s the fix.

It appears that the default setting in the final proof page design is zoomed in far enough as to hide the “Submit” button, rendering a page with seemingly no possible way to submit your application. The simple fix is to just zoom out and you’ll see the button appear.

Here’s some language from the Common App’s “Support” page about how to zoom in and out of a web page. This language is in response to a query about what to do if you can’t see the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page, but the result should still be the same.

If you are unable to see the Continue button at the bottom of any page, try using “hotkeys” to zoom your browser window out while viewing that page: For Windows PCs: press and hold the Control key (CTRL), then press minus (-) For Mac: press and hold the Command key (⌘), then press minus (-)