Straight talk about overparenting

When Julie Lythcott-Haims’s messages about (1) the dangers of overparenting and (2) how to raise mature, capable adults are no longer resonating or necessary, I’ll (happily) stop bringing them here. But until that day comes, I think it’s important that counselors, admissions officers, and other experts continue to speak frankly about what this group of admittedly well-meaning parents is doing to their kids. I never worry about those kids who happily seek their parents’ feedback and guidance while driving their own education and journey to college. But I worry a lot about those kids who sit passively waiting for Mom and Dad to talk to the counselor, choose the activities, research the colleges, complete the applications, etc. What’s going to happen to those students when they get to college?

Haims is featured here on a recent episode of Straight Talk MD, a podcast covering science, medicine, and healthcare, hosted by medical doctor Frank Sweeney. While the first 16 minutes focus more on Haims’s background and her preparation for her TED Talk that has since received over 2.6 million views, the remaining 45 minutes are spent not just defining overparenting, but also advising parents how to recognize and correct it.