Look for open windows

There’s something about seeing a dog with its head thrusted out the window of a moving car that always makes me happy. It’s pure, unadulterated joy. The destination, the scenery, the weather–none of that matters. Some dogs treat that opportunity like a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream. There’s no ulterior motive, no hope for an outside reward, just a chance to get that head out the window and let the air hit their face. And if windows are open on both sides of the car, might as well trade back and forth as many times as possible. Don’t want to miss anything this fun!

What activity, subject, or other involvement makes you feel that way?

Whatever the answer is, as long as it’s safe and not covered by the criminal code, it’s probably worth finding a way to do even more of it. That’s the kind of passion colleges and counselors spend so much time telling students to demonstrate before and during college applications.

If you want to stand out and have fun on the road to college, when you find an inviting open window, stick your head out and enjoy the ride.