On purpose

There are some things you do (almost) every day. Brushing your teeth. Taking a shower. Checking your email or messages. There’s no debating whether or not you have time, no waiting for the right circumstance or opportunity. At some point, you just made a decision that this was something important enough to do every day. You started by doing it on purpose, but over time, it just became a habit.

On purpose works for lots of other things, too. What if you made the choice this week to:

Raise your hand and contribute to an in-class discussion at least once per day.
Spend 15 minutes a day learning more about something that interests you.
Initiate a project for your club or organization.
Ask a teacher for help when you need it.
Turn off your phone while you are studying.
Express your thanks to someone who deserves it.
Put 10% of your money into a savings account.
Stop doing one thing that’s no longer making you happier, smarter, or more productive.
Start doing one thing that will make you happier, smarter, or more productive.
Learn more about a college your counselor says will likely admit you.

At some point, you won’t have to remind yourself. You won’t have to find the time. You won’t have to do it like you’re checking an item off your day’s to-do list. It will just be a habit.

Most good habits start by doing something on purpose.