Be a fixer

Hollywood has given us several shows and movies about “fixers.” Part crisis managers, part publicists, part real-life superheroes, these fictional fixers are in high demand when politicians, celebrities, or even regular folks find themselves in a real jam (or a scandal) and need someone to swoop in and make the problem go away. Their work isn’t always exactly above board (sometimes they’re fixing crime scenes!), but they never seem to be without a high-paying gig.

But what if a group of real-life, responsible, well-intentioned fixers existed at your high school? How much good could they do? And even better, why couldn’t you put that group together?

The school’s pool is being repaired and the swim team needs a place to practice. Bring in the fixers!

The junior prom is about to be cancelled due to lack of interest. Fixers to the rescue!

A disabled student needs a ramp built to make the upstairs classrooms more accessible. The fixers are on the case.

A student who’s bullied daily could use a formidable escort to his morning class. There’s a fixer for that.

The school just pulled the funding for the yearbook and the demoralized staff is out of ideas. The fixers could swoop in and save the day.

I’m not being sarcastic here. What if you pulled together the most talented, resourceful, committed group of students you could find? Each could bring their individual strengths—writing, organization, leadership, computer skills, connections, muscle, etc.—to combine into a virtual army of high school difference-makers.

I’ve never seen it listed on a college application. What a great opportunity to make an impact at your school and to stand out to colleges.