Would you make the list?

Seth Godin’s been hosting some interesting videos on Facebook Live (all archived here), one of which included an exercise about how to stand out.

You’re sitting at a table with 12 people who are part of a cohort and everyone is asked to take out a piece of paper. You’re each now given the opportunity to write down the names of three people who will join you on a team, one that will be given the most exciting projects to work on, along with all the associated privileges and benefits if you succeed together.

Of the other 12 people at the table, how many do you think would instantly decide to write down your name?

There are two points to the exercise:

1. If you come to work or to school and consistently are the person everybody would put down on their piece of paper, you will be making an impact. You’ll be standing out. You’ll be the indispensable person they would miss if you were gone. And those people are always in high demand. Your future (and your present) is bright.

2. Whether or not you are that person is a choice you get to make. It’s not about competition. It’s not about being granted authority. It’s about making the decision that you will consistently be a generous, reliable, positive leader that people want to work with because of what you do every day.

Are you that person? In your English class, in the drama club, on the hockey team?

Are you that counselor in your office, that teacher in your department, that administrator at your school?

Are you that coworker, that parent, that volunteer?

Wherever you’re working today, if they sat the group at the table and did this exercise, would you make the list?

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