Take a risk

From pediatric psychologist Dr. Kate E. Eshleman’s “Taking a Risk: What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?”:

“There is always the chance that taking a risk will end in failure, but failure, in some form, is inevitable. If you operate too much within your comfort zone, you will develop an expectation that you must be good at everything, which can lead to significant feelings of pressure and stress. It’s better to learn how to recover from failure and cope with those feelings of frustration and disappointment. Throughout life, you will experience situations in school, work or relationships that do not go as planned. Each experience that falls short of success is your opportunity to develop healthy coping skills. This is a skill that does not come naturally; you must develop and practice it.”

I’ve never met an admissions officer, even from the most selective of colleges, who would disagree.