Game changers

A game changer is a person or thing that dramatically alters the course, strategy, or state of something. The birth of commercial aviation. The technology that killed the music industry as we knew it. The studies that showed sugar, not fat, is the real dietary enemy to our health.

But opportunities for game changing—and game changers—are everywhere. And you don’t need a disruptive technology or course-changing innovation to do it. The right person can change the game with effort, positivity, caring, etc. to make a fundamental impact worthy of the game changer title.

Ever had a meal at a restaurant where the server changed the experience (and the game) for the better?

Ever seen a fellow student who made club meetings or golf practice or the part-time job more enjoyable for everyone?

Or a counselor who makes you feel comfortable enough to open up and share your real worries about college?

Those aren’t radical innovations or initiatives. Just one person bringing their unique talent to a situation and fundamentally changing it for everyone involved.

It’s tempting for students going through the college admissions process to look for opportunities to check off boxes: run for a club office, get community service hours, snag the award or the honor that really pops on the application. Those aren’t necessarily bad instincts. In fact, those are all potential opportunities to change the game. But they aren’t the only ones.

You don’t have to change the world to stand out to colleges. If you’re looking to stand out, find an opportunity, even a small one, where you can make a real difference.

Make the game smaller, then find a way to change it.