First, peel the garlic

I enjoy cooking. But I really do not enjoy peeling garlic, especially for a dish that needs more than a clove or two. It takes too long. Some bulbs are just uncooperative. The paper goes everywhere, it sticks to the knife, some always clings to the garlic like a life preserver, etc. I love what garlic does for the right dish, but the work necessary to get it to that point can rob some of the joy from my favorite hobby.

The best way to minimize that frustration? Peel the garlic first. Just grit my teeth and get it out of the way. I still don’t enjoy it. But I get to put it behind me and enjoy the rest of the prep. I don’t have the garlic looming over me. Peeling the garlic first minimizes its negative impact.

The project, the conversation, the chore–whatever it is that you’re not looking forward to or even dreading, imagine how great you’ll feel when it’s done. Why not let that feeling start sooner rather than later?

Enjoy the parts you love. But first, peel the garlic.