Your style of play

I got a lot of nice feedback—from students, and from parents about their students—in response to my post about playing the game right. Having a deep passion for whatever you do, sports related or not, makes you a happier, more interesting, and more successful person.

Soccer player Tobin Heath is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, a two-time Women’s World Cup medalist, and the 2016 Player of the Year for the United States Women’s National Team. But what struck me most in this recent article was her description of what originally drew her to the game, and what still influences her style of play.

“’I grew up loving Brazilian soccer,’ Heath said. ‘What made me think soccer was cool was these guys making soccer look like fun and easy, and they would just destroy people. It was an art. I loved that. And that’s the way I learned the game and mimicked a style. It’s just so beautiful.’”

What’s influencing your style of play, whatever and wherever you decide to play it?