We’re hiring assistants in Southern California

We’re trying an experiment in our Southern California offices. Collegewise counselors do almost all of their own work. They don’t just meet with families, help build the college lists, and manage the application process to make sure everything proceeds smoothly and thoughtfully. They also book their own appointments, do their own follow-up with families, field their own reschedule requests, track their own work, and do just about everything else that comes up during the course of their days.

But what would happen if they could focus more on just the counseling, the parts of the job that they’re uniquely qualified for and trained to do?

Would it be better for our customers? Absolutely.

Would it be better for our counselors? It certainly seems like it to us.

Would it be better for our company? If it means happier customers and happier counselors, we’re willing to try it.

So we’re hiring full-time executive assistants in our Southern California offices located in Irvine and Mission Viejo (both are in Orange County).

All the details are here. If you or someone you know might be interested, the instructions to apply are in the post linked above. I hope we’ll hear from you.