The path to making things right

Author and former Navy Admiral David Marquet penned this Forbes piece about Volkswagen executives ducking and bumbling their way through their diesel emissions cheating scandal. There are so many press-garnering examples of companies and public figures who get caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing but still refuse to take appropriate responsibility for their actions. It’s no wonder so many teenagers are reluctant to own up to their mistakes given the bad public examples of so many famous adults and successful companies they’re being shown.

People make mistakes. That’s especially true for teenagers who aren’t supposed to have learned everything about life yet. Most people will find a way to forgive youthful indiscretions if you take the right steps.

Here’s a past post with some advice about how to handle yourself if you get into trouble, and a second reminding you that the best time to apologize is when the infraction is still fresh.

For all but the most egregious violations, the path to making things right might not be easy. But it’s not all that complicated, either.