Highly selective college admissions: the inside scoop

Collegewise is hosting a webinar, The Inside Scoop on Highly Selective College Admissions, on Tuesday, November 15 from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. PST. The four presenters are Collegewise counselors who have worked as admissions officers at University of Chicago, Cornell, Harvard, and Stanford. Tickets are $10. You can get more information, and register, here.

Registered attendees will have access to the recording for one week after the conclusion of the webinar.

Here’s what you can expect if you attend:

You can expect to learn from four presenters who are as knowledgeable about what it takes to get into these schools as just about anyone I’ve met after working in college admissions for over 20 years. They will tell you the unvarnished truth. You can also expect that this direct, honest approach will come from no hidden agenda other than to help you make the college planning decisions that are best for you. And best of all, you can expect plenty of clear advice, tips, and encouragement from four experts who worked on both sides of the desk—admissions and counseling—and who understand the admissions realities in play for students, parents, colleges, and counselors.

I don’t rail against highly selective colleges—I rail against the notion that they are inherently the best colleges. Many students, Collegewise and otherwise, find their collegiate fits at prestigious colleges. And if you think that a school that turns away far, far more applicants than it accepts is right for you, you deserve to have accurate information and helpful advice about what it really takes to get in. I can’t think of a better team to cover this topic than the four assembled to deliver this webinar, and I hope you can join us. Again, you can get more information, and purchase tickets for the online webinar, here.