Don’t give testing too much time

What would happen if an admissions officer actually saw him or herself as part teacher, someone who didn’t just evaluate applications, but also tried to help applicants understand how the evaluation works, what to expect, and how to approach applications and essays? And most importantly, what if those opinions were honest and unvarnished, and the admissions officers were the type of people who were willing to come out and say, “This is what we like” or “This will annoy us”?

I think that teacher exists over at the University of Virginia’s blog, which is why I share it often here. This week’s entry pointed out something admissions officers at many schools have found—in Q & A sessions, many audiences will swallow up all of that time asking about the ACT and SAT.

“Testing doesn’t warrant getting half the time during a panel program and it doesn’t warrant getting the majority of your head space as you are juggling the academic load and responsibilities that come with being a junior or senior in high school.”

You can read the rest here.